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‘Nothing Gets in the Way of a Will that Wants’

Every problem carries within itself the seeds of its own solution. And there’s no doubt that not only beginning a career in the industry is problematic, but sustaining one is just as challenging, perhaps more so. As Paul Hills says in our launch Documentary Fires we’re Starting… ‘If you think making your first film is hard, my god, are you in for a shock when you try to get your second one going.’

In an industry which should, in theory, run on talent, talent is often an irrelevance. With a barrage of TV shows and a near sub-industry dedicated to the search for singing and performing stars in the guise of reality shows such as ‘The X-factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ not to mention the quest to find the bright lights in arenas from Ski Jumping to Pottery Throwing and Bakery, Filmmakers often feel like the forgotten few.

And yet film is as valid and meaningful an art form, commercial enterprise and a part of our culture, as singing, theatre, poetry, painting and dance.

The BFA is not anti-establishment. We recognise the value and inspiration that comes from the well-oiled machines which produce sleek products. We simply aim to become a recognised and worthy cousin that runs alongside the current system, giving hope and opportunity to those struggling, and advocating the creation of, and hopeful love for, the more diverse, personally driven films which can only come from those filmmakers, writers and artists who are driven by their passions.

The BFA aims to be the kind of organisation any filmmaker would hope to find, from the UK and beyond, not interested in making money from its members, but making opportunities for them. Campaigning for and working towards new pathways which can support their projects and careers. We vow to tackle head on the obstacles of funding, marketing, awards recognition and distribution and provide an alternative outlet for the creatively talented who are often at risk of exploitation by those who would choose to cash in on our ambitions in these challenging times.

With the financial crisis, Brexit and nations at war with both each other and themselves it is becoming more and more an age of unsettlement, a time of uncertainty. But that does not mean there is less need now for filmmakers to do what they do best. It means there is a greater need than ever before, because only those filmmakers who are true to their voices can really tell the stories which speak of our times.

Filmmakers can provide both a reflection on society and as well as an escapism from it. Just as the world of sport needs its strongest and most gifted talents to take it to its greatest heights so does the world of film. And if no model currently exists to allow us to do so, then it is up to us, the filmmakers and actors themselves, to create one which does. If you are looking for an easy ride, if you have a sense of entitlement, if you feel your talent alone is enough and expect the rest to fall into place, then the BFA is not for you.

But if you’re lionhearted, and ready to take to the path like a warrior, then join us at the BFA to become one with others just like you. The best films, whatever their genre, are rich in meaning, visual impact and emotional intensity. Films can provoke thought and debate, films can challenge, can shock and disturb, move and amaze. The films which push boundaries, and linger in the mind long after first viewing are born of those filmmakers and actors who refuse to shrink back.

Explore our site and learn more about The World Film Showcase, our First Look Financing Enterprise, The BFA and World Film Showcase Festival and Awards Scheme and our various other endeavours and campaigns all aimed to promote and support filmmakers, actors and film. As Paul Hills also said ‘The hardest part is the films which are not realised.’

Our strength is in our numbers. Together, we can make sure that doesn’t always have to be the case. Waiting for it all to happen will, most likely, mean a lifetime of nothing but waiting. But if we stand together and work as one, we can bring into fruition our own opportunities, we can bring about change.

Join us now and be a part of the gentle revolution.

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