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Talent is the life-force of any industry. To block an industry’s talent is to cut off its blood supply


The BFA is pioneering its game changing strategy through our slate of completed and developing feature films:

The industry, it’s not on it’s last legs by any shape or form, but I think the change for people to get a foothold is narrowing down because of the current economic climate.


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‘The hardest thing is the films which are not realised.’

Wild Frontier Productions

The BFA is being pioneered by Wild Frontier Productions.  A feature film company with a slate of over fifteen projects as well as other writing and production services including showreels for actors from scratch.

View Wild Frontier’s writer/director and the BFA’s Founder, Katharine Collins’ showreel and the Wild Frontier website below.

Thin Brittle Mile

Following the completion of our launch feature ‘The Spoiler’ and our feature length documentary ‘Fires we’re Starting…’ The British Filmmakers Alliance plans a new slate of projects – a set of diverse and powerful films.


By being brought to life in a pioneering way the projects aim to prove that a new, fair and realistic model of filmmaking can be put into fruition and allow for a sea change in the type of films made and a new avenue of possibilities for the filmmakers and actors who want to make them.


Nothing worth having is ever easy in life.  You’ve got to push for it.  You’ve got to fight for it.

The BFA Awards

With thousands of applications and entries for acting roles, film crew positions and coveted slots at film festivals, how do actors, filmmakers and their films stand a chance of being noticed among the burgeoning crowds?

The BFA awards are a unique set of accolades designed to celebrate the raw talent, artistic merit and future promise of those individuals and their work deserving of being recognised as ‘talent to watch’.