“Everything comes to he who goes after
what the other man is waiting for”

Former Royal Engineer, Sapper Matthew Weston, launches The Joining Forces Campaign with us, uniting filmmakers with early retired servicemen
Desire is not enough. What every man or woman who ever achieved anything of worth needed most was tenacity, or ‘the courage to start things’.

All that we achieve and attain in life is a direct result of the action we take. The talented, no matter how great their gifts, will achieve nothing simply by being talented. We have our dreams. But we must also put legs under them.

AUT VIAM INVENIAM AUT FACIAM the Latin inscription under the BFA and World Film Showcase Awards translates as WE WILL EITHER FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE. There’s no doubt that most struggling British filmmakers and actors are crying out for a change at our level of the sector. But the changes that will benefit us the most are not going to come from any other source, government body, individual or organisation. They will come from us. We must be the change we want to see in our world.

The BFA’s four main campaigns, evolving and open to ideas and input, are designed to both counterbalance the exploitation that filmmakers and actors are up against and to create as much opportunity and interest in film as we can. We wish there wasn’t a need for them, but the most amazing things to try and achieve are often the most difficult, and because of that, there is.

Join the BFA to be kept updated or become involved, or if you’re a Film Sphere member, please join any of the Campaign Groups to take a more active role. There’s something every one of us can do, right now, both individually, but more powerfully, if we work together as one.

The BFA's launch feature 'The Spoiler' was made with an entrepreneurial spirit and driven by the passion of the filmmakers behind it

The Entrepreneurial Filmmakers Club

An industry which runs on talent, very often blocks talent before it has a chance to flourish. But this by no means proportions blame. Filmmaking is a notoriously high risk venture. No financier in their right mind would dish out funds just to provide testing grounds for filmmakers. Actors are blocked from career breaking roles, also, for commercial reasons. For many years, since the evolution of digital filmmaking, filmmakers and actors have resorted to do it yourself filmmaking, credit card funding and unpaid roles simply to be able to realise their vocation. While this has proved an arena where many geniuses were born, it has also driven the value of the filmmaker down, sometimes to ridiculous degrees, and left them vulnerable to exploitation. The Entrepreneurial Filmmakers Club is a society where all are welcome if they wish to drive their careers into fruition in a safe, altruistic and fair way.

British Thursdays

Working in conjunction with the World Film Showcase, British Thursdays is our campaign to encourage the exhibitors to devote screen time one night of the week to undiscovered British films and up and coming British filmmakers. Audiences can only react to what is put in front of them. The way that films are distributed is drastically changing. And while VOD and self-distribution may seem like a rescue, there’s no replacing the excitement, kudos and all-encompassing way a theatrical release can bring a film into the public conscious. In conjunction with our work at the World Film Showcase, British Thursdays is our campaign to encourage the exhibitors to devote screen time one night of the week to undiscovered British films and up and coming British filmmakers.

We will launch the first World Film Showcase in the spirit of this campaign and are aiming to engineer a worldwide coalition of filmmakers, film enthusiasts and theatrical supporters who, while still honouring their business commitments, have a love for film itself and a desire to support inventive filmmakers and extraordinary talent. Join the British Thursdays group to be a part of the adventure!
Working towards a time where more original and diverse British films will hit our screens

'Thin, Brittle, Mile' is the flagship feature for the Joining Forces Campaign

The Joining Forces Campaign

Following the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan many servicemen had no choice but to take early retirement due to physical and emotional injury and ill health. Former Royal Engineer Matthew Weston is one of the most seriously injured soldiers to have survived any British conflict, having lost three limbs and suffered a host of internal injuries. Refusing to live on benefits, Matthew has carved out a career in finance, as well as becoming a tireless charity campaigner and spokesman for other injured veterans.

This year Matthew, and BFA founder Katharine Collins, launch The Joining Forces Campaign, an initiative designed to unite early retired servicemen with filmmakers for the mutual benefit of all concerned. We launch the enterprise with the short, ‘Love of Words’, feature ‘Drowning Room Only’, and most pertinently ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ the campaign’s flagship feature. Conceived by Matthew and Katharine in the spirit of the BFA’s determination to tell stories which speak of our times, ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ is the unflinching, uncompromising story of a former soldier who suffers his greatest battles on his return home.

First Look Financing

Everyone’s great dilemma. How do you get finance without being a bankable name? How do you become a bankable name without being given the finance to show the world what you can do? Whereas the Entrepreneurial Filmmakers Club allows filmmakers and actors the chance to prove themselves, our initiative ‘First Look Financing’ is a united group of investors from every aspect of the financial sector, whether they be business angels, venture capitalists, high net worth individuals or anyone with any new or revolutionary scheme for film financing. The projects put forward to that consortium are those we’ve singled out via the World Film Showcase and its Festival as being projects of the greatest promise and worthy of consideration.

Our consortium then has the ‘First Look Option’ allowing them first refusal of any potential involvement and the ability to see projects they’d otherwise never be made aware of, at the same time, bridging the gap for filmmakers who often don’t know how or where to reach such individuals or organisations for the hopes of a
possible green light.
Look no further! First Look Financing is here.
05 June 2017
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23 May 2017
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